Transmission Repair North York

Transmission Repair & Service in North York

The transmission sends power from the engine to the wheels, allowing the car to shift between gears steadily. It includes two major components – the fluid and the filter. Taking good care of your car’s transmission is important to maintain its health. If you hear an odd noise when the vehicle is moving, it’s a clear sign that you’ve neglected maintenance and repairs.

Putting the ride into a different gear won’t solve the problem. The best thing you can do is to entrust your transmission to those who know what they’re doing. The expert mechanics at McNally Auto EuroMechanic will help you avoid costly repairs. We can handle problems big or small, having experience with both manual and automatic transmissions.

It’s important to visit a professional and highly reputable auto repair shop. As part of the transmission repair and service, we undertake various procedures and assessments. Our auto service technicians will run a full diagnostic test on your transmission to pinpoint problems that need taken care of immediately. Not only will we check the level and condition of the transmission fluid but also perform a road test to uncover hidden damage and bad maintenance.

We’re not overwhelmed by the complexity of the repairs, even if it’s necessary to perform a complete overhaul. McNally Auto EuroMechanic has the necessary tools to go under the hood and fix the problem.


Transmission Repair Services That Your Car May Need

There are lots of things that can go wrong with a car and might warrant a visit to the mechanic. While some transmission repairs are straightforward in nature, others are a mixture of mechanical and electronic engineering.  The most common types of repair work we do include:

Transmission Fluid Change

The fluid isn’t meant to last the lifetime of the vehicle. It’s necessary to get the transmission fluid replaced at regular intervals. With time, the heat will decompose the fluid, leading to discoloration and burn. If the fluid has passed its best before date, you’re at the risk of internal transmission damage. As a rule, burnt fluid demands the attention of a professional mechanic.

Our service center employs trained and experienced professionals with years of experience servicing transmissions across different European-made cars. We’re ready to take on responsibilities such as inspecting, diagnosing, and repairing parts such as hydraulic pumps and couplings. Come to us if the transmission fluid needs to be changed.

Transmission Flush

Flushing the transmission every 30,000 miles or so is a good idea. The old, dirty fluid is replaced with fresh, high-quality fluid to ensure better performance. The transmission is able to stay cool and is protected against wear to gear, clutches, and bearings. Go ahead and let your mechanic do the job. The expert auto technicians at McNally Auto EuroMechanic will flush out the old fluid using state-of-the-art equipment.  

Transmission Replacement & Rebuilding

Depending on the problem your automobile is experiencing, it might be necessary to replace the transmission. If you have difficulty shifting gears or fluid is leaking, the transmission is no longer able to function properly. Replacement is the best solution because performance is severely compromised. The transmission will be completely removed and replaced with a brand-new one.

A transmission overhaul implies rebuilding the system piece by piece. While many situations don’t require such an endeavor, a transmission rebuild is sometimes necessary because it’s impossible to identify the problem, or the damage incurred is far-reaching. If the transmission is old, the mechanics won’t bother to undertake an overhaul and will simply replace the transmission with a new one.

Top Signs That It’s Time for A Transmission Repair

Without proper maintenance, you’ll most likely deal with issues with the transmission, which won’t be able to do its job. The transmission is a complex machine, so if you notice any of the following signs, be sure to visit McNally Auto EuroMechanic, who can focus on the issues and not get sidetracked.

  • You Can Hear the Gears Grinding – Grinding gears indicate a transmission problem, such as worn gear teeth. If there’s nothing serious going on, the only explanation is that the transmission fluid is low.
  • You Smell an Intense Burning Smell in Your Car – If you drive a car with a manual transmission, pay close attention to foul odors. Overheated transmission fluid is to blame for the burning smell.
  • Transmission Fluid Is Leaking – Did you see red fluid dripping from the transmission? That’s the transmission fluid. Not only will it form stains on the driveway but also cost you a lot of money in terms of repairs.

If your car’s transmission fails or stops working altogether, find a good mechanic. Trust us with the repair of your vehicle.