What damage can Potholes do to your car?

Hitting a pothole can damage your vehicle. Car damage from potholes is common and pothole damage is an everyday road hazard. If you drive through a pothole, check these below areas to make sure it didn’t cause a problem that needs to be fixed:

1. Tires,
2. Wheels,
3. Alignment,
4. Suspension.

1. Tires:

The most immediate concern when hitting a pothole is your tires. A pothole can cause or damage sidewall bulges, tread separation, or flats. These can happen because potholes often have a hard edge that compresses the tire against the wheel on impact, slicing the rubber or snapping the belts that hold a tire together.

2. Wheels:

If you hit a pothole at high speed it leads to bent, chips, or cracks. A bent wheel won’t roll smoothly. Chips are usually easy to notice since they look like a part missing from the rim where it meets the tire. However, cracks can’t be found easier because of the brake dust and road grime. So clean your wheels before you inspect cracks.

3. Alignment:

Alignment problems caused by potholes can lead to unsafe complications such as Vibrations, Poor steering, and Premature or irregular tread wear. If you notice that your vehicle is pulling to one side while driving, it’s an indication that your vehicle is misaligned.

4. Suspension:

Your vehicle’s suspension system is designed to absorb impacts and provide a smooth ride, Support the vehicle’s weight. Sudden hits against potholes can cause a variety of suspension problems, including misalignment, broken ball joints, and damaged shocks or struts. It can be difficult to correctly diagnose suspension damage, so it’s best to have an experienced mechanic like Bloor West Auto Tirecraft. Call us at 416-239-2911 to book your next available appointment to diagnose your suspension damage.

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Hit a pothole? Worried about damage?

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